Why the 124 Pint Pledge?

This started by seeing jokes on instagram about a study in the UK which found that Brits need to drink 124 pints this summer to save their pub industry. After a few jokes, we at OrderSimply realized that most British pub’s had an easier year than those in Ontario.

As a craft beer industry company, we had been looking for a way to leverage our expertise and capabilities to support the bars and restaurants so crucial to our ‘ecosystem of fun.’

We’re calling on Ontarians who can to responsibly support bars and restaurants this summer by going out and enjoying 124 pints.

This is an inclusive community, you don’t need to drink beer, and you certainly don’t need to drink 124 of them. However, bars and restaurants have sacrificed a lot over the past year to help keep us all safe. It’s time for those of us who haven’t had to sacrifice as much to come to the table and order some mozzarella sticks and a pint.

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Thomas Robson

Growing the Ontario craft beer industry as a Co-Founder of OrderSimply